Why use Timber Decking?

When it comes to excellence in floor sanding on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions, you can’t beat this family-owned business for quality. Services range from full timber floor installation, sanding, polishing, repair, customised treatments and more.

The professional team also have extensive knowledge of timber drying methods, timber grading and species.

The Timber Decking team can manufacture timber floor boards to match any specifications.  This means that they’re especially experienced in identification of timber species including their usage and specifications, strength and durability.

This is particularly useful when repairing or extending older floors where sizes are difficult to obtain.

Floor boards can even be machined to the shape and size you want!

The strength of our business continues to deliver the certainty of a stable service provider, who can learn your unique circumstances and deliver you appropriate and customised services every time.


Our Mission is to provide you with the best Timber Floor possible!  We aim for quality workmanship delivered efficiently using the best products in the market.  We want to put a smile on your face by delivering a Timber Floor which is the center piece of every room!

Our Speciality

We are a family owned business.  We know the best suppliers, timber and floor coverings for the climate on the Sunshine Coast.  There is nothing we have not seen or done!